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FumeWatchâ„¢ is a revolutionary new product to gain an edge in the war on fumigation burglaries. Home robberies in properties that are tented for fumigation are on the increase. According to the FBI, the average property dollar loss per burglary is more than two-thousand dollars. The FumeWatch system is a purpose-built portable remote video monitoring system designed for deployment by pest control operators & fumigation contractors. FumeWatch provides motion activated video recording with alerts. Real-time images and recorded video clips can be accessed through smart phones, tablets, and web browsers. (sg)

About FumeWatchâ„¢

The FumeWatchâ„¢ system is simple to setup and operate and provides motion activated video recording and alerts, and real-time viewing capability. Built-in functionality allows the property owner and operators to view video and receive motion alerts anywhere.

FumeWatch has built-in internet connectivity and internal batteries to continue to operate in case of a power failure. The system is housed in a rugged industrial case that is easily transported and setup in homes, apartments, and businesses during the fumigation process, to monitor the premises and provide peace of mind to the property owners.

Features Include:

  • HD Quality Video
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Battery Powered Waterproof Cameras
  • Cloud Based Video Storage

Photo Gallery

Shown are real images recorded by FumeWatch systems and viewed on a computer browser or through the mobile App, as well as photos of actual FumeWatch camera installations.

Video Gallery

These are real videos recorded to the cloud by FumeWatch systems in action.

Why You Need Security

Home robberies happen everywhere. Increasingly, properties that are tented for fumigation are targets for these burglaries. Until now, expensive private security guards have been the only option to protect your property. The cost of a FumeWatch video monitoring system rental during fumigation is minimal compared to the potential loss from a burglary.

Secure Cloud Storage

FumeWatch has built-in internet connectivity to transmit recorded video to a secure cloud storage when motion is detected. Alerts are sent to the pest control operator and can also be linked to the fumigation company and homeowner.

The system is simple to setup onsite. The base unit is plugged in at the property to be monitored, and features internal backup batteries for continued operation in case of a power failure. Cameras are wireless and battery powered, and are placed throughout the property to monitor doors and windows. The base system to camera range is up to 300 feet, providing coverage for large homes and properties.

Smartphone and tablet apps and web browser interfaces allow the operators and property owners to view recorded video clips and still images, receive motion alerts and view real-time video from the cameras placed in the property.